Really Bellator…..Slice vs Shamrock….

More than six years after it was first scheduled to happen, Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock will share a mixed martial arts cage.

Bellator MMA officials have confirmed that a nontitle heavyweight fight between Slice (birth name Kevin Ferguson) and Shamrock will headline a Spike TV event on June 20 inside Scottrade Center in St. Louis.

The two were booked to headline an event promoted by now-defunct organization EliteXC on Oct. 4, 2008, in Sunrise, Florida. Shamrock withdrew from the fight the day of the event, however, citing an accidental cut suffered during prefight warm-ups.

In a release, Slice said, “Ken [Shamrock], I owe you this a– whooping. No more running! No more hiding!”

Shamrock, 51, who has never officially retired but also has not fought since November 2010, confirmed he has signed a multifight deal with Bellator.

“I am back,” Shamrock stated. “It’s good to be performing again for my fans. I feel great and my health is great. Age should never be a factor if an athlete is healthy, in great shape and has the drive to continue their sport. I will quit fighting when I want to.

“Kimbo Slice and I have some unfinished business. I am a fighter. That’s who I am.” Continue reading

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If one thing has eluded former Pride FC star Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou Nkamhoua throughout his career it’s been consistency. It seems like every time he’s taken one step forward, he takes a step back.

And while Sokoudjou has had trouble finding consistency, he has managed to rebound off of difficult times and prove he’s someone that cannot be counted out.

With that said, Sokoudjou is looking forward to making his Bellator debut on Friday after having lost his last two bouts, because he feels he can once again rebound and get things back on track.

“I’ve had a few tough years, but nothing worthwhile comes easy,” Sokoudjou told “I’ve had a bunch of up and downs, but that’s how life goes.

“I know I can do better. This time I made sure I’ve trained with the right people and did the right things and I’m ready.”

One thing Sokoudjou has done to make sure he doesn’t repeat the past is mix up his training routine. Continue reading

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MMA Legend Yves Edwards vs 50 shades of grey

Here’s a Valentine story for you guys. On Thursday afternoon My wife asked me if I want to go see “50 Shades of Grey” with her. My response was, “I have 0 interest in seeing that movie.” She said okay and sounded disappointed. So I texted her and told her if she really wants to see it then go ahead and get the tickets I’ll go with her. From this point on it’s all about the movie and my experience and I won’t be tagging anything “Spoiler Alert” because either you’re a woman that’s already read the books or you’re a man and you don’t give a damn.

The movie starts at about 9:15pm and about 10 minutes in I’m like, “Yup this is pretty much what I expected, my misery has begun.” The scene that leads to the male and female leads meeting each other is like a bad juiced up version of “Mad Men”. She goes to his office, big wall street type corporate office, where all the employees are tall leggy blondes dressed the sexy secretary role, and here comes Annastasia(I don’t remember her last name just I like I don’t remember Grey’s first name) who sticks out like a sore thumb in this environment. Fast forward through a ton of forced(cinematically) sexual tension, some manufactured conflict as the segue to get into some Whatshisface Grey character development.

They hang out a little one day and he decided, they’re not going to be a good fit. Of course as a woman she is devastated because her “Prince Charming” is getting away. So she goes out with her room mate and a guy friend, gets wasted and calls Grey drunk to do the typical TV show, “I’m a girl and you hurt my feelings, so I’m going to call you when I’m drunk” move while she’s in line for the bathroom at the club. Of course him being the young go getter that he is, when a young drunk damsel calls him he must rescue her from herself and the guy friend she considers family, but who now is admittedly all into her and rapey. At this point I’m thinking, okay everything that is happening in this movie is freaking ridiculous and how can women enjoy this crap. I’m doing mental gymnastics now trying to justify or at the very least comprehend how my wife could be enjoying this; maybe it’s because she read the books so what’s happening on screen has a different meaning to her than it does to me; like when I watch a superhero movie with someone that didn’t grow up on comic books. This movie is extremely bad, it’s what you get when Nickelodeon decides to venture into the world of pornography. I have paid money to sit in a movie theater and watch garbage that is simultaneously destroying my brain cells, perpetuating the Prince Charming myth, decreasing my faith in humanity and portraying women as irrational and incompetent.

I am negatively multitasking on a cosmic level.
I do not want to be in here watching this at all at this point, and I’m sitting in the back corner of the theater(small audience capacity about 30) when I have this thought that had me giggling uncontrollably for the next 3-4 minutes and intermittently for the next 15 minutes. Mind you I’m still miserable and I’m a bit disappointed in my wife because, in my head, she’s into this foolishness. Then out of no where she drops a beautiful bomb on me by leaning over and whispering to me, “FYI, I liked the books but this movie is ridiculous, we can leave whenever you want.” What!!! It’s Christmas already? Hallelujah!!!!! I put up a card asking for our check(The Alamo Drafthouse for you non-Austin folks has a full service menu and wait staff) but no servers come soon enough and we’re now both at our limit. So we stand up and walk out; and as we’re leaving I’m giggling because all the men are looking at me like, “Can I go with you bro?” and their SOs are looking at us like “Why would you be leaving?”

Anyway we get to the lobby and it’s 10:10pm I grab a server, and asked for some help. This is the conversation I had with him almost verbatim.
Me: “Excuse me, can you please help us get our check?”
Server: “What theater were you in?”
Me: “‘50 Shades of Grey’ in theater 10.”
Server: He smiled and said “That movie is pretty bad huh?”
Me: Thinking about how bad that movie was made me remember why I was laughing so hard in the theater. “Horrible is a better word. I didn’t want to go to jail for yelling ‘Fire’ in a crowded theater, but I was sitting in the back and I literally thought ‘if I take a shit in the corner we would all have to leave’”.
Moral of the story: 1. Don’t see “50 Shades of Grey”, unless you want to seriously consider taking a shit in a crowded theater.

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In 1980, Howard Harris of Oregon State became the first African-American wrestler to win Outstanding Wrestler honors at the NCAA tournament

Howard Harris (born February 9, 1958) is a former All-American wrestler at Oregon State University who won the 1980 NCAA wrestling heavyweight championship and was named the outstanding wrestler of the tournament.

Harris attended McNary High School in Keizer, OR, winning the state team championship as a junior in 1975. He was undefeated that year until the state tournament finals when he had to forfeit due to an injury. In 1976, his senior year, McNary placed second in state but Harris won an individual state championship while being undefeated at 191 lbs.[3] He completed his high school wrestling career with a mark of 80-5. In addition to his wrestling talents he was an Oregon All-State football player, racking up a total of 1448 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns while leading McNary to its first state tournament berth.[2]

Harris is one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of Oregon State University. He was a four-time All-American at 190 lbs and heavyweight, and holds the school record for career wins (169) and single season pins (40, 1980). He won the NCAA Heavyweight championship in 1980 with a perfect record of 46-0 and is one of only five wrestlers to pin every opponent in the NCAA tournament.[4] His dominance at the NCAA tournament garnered him the Outstanding Wrestler Award, the first African-American to win the award.[5] Continue reading

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Unforgivable Darkness: Jack Johnson and the Mann Act

On March 5, 2013 lawmakers reintroduced a resolution (2013 CONG US SCON 5) seeking a posthumous pardon from President Obama on behalf of former boxing champion Jack Johnson. For those unfamiliar with Johnson, he became boxing’s first African-American heavyweight champion after defeating Tommy Burns in 1908. However, it wasn’t until Johnson retained his title by defeating all-time great Jim Jeffries in 1910 that he truly drew the ire of white society. The defeat of Jeffries led to race riots nationwide in which numerous blacks were murdered.

In 1912, while married to a white woman named Lucille Cameron, Johnson was arrested by federal marshals and charged with violating the Mann Act (18 U.S.C. 2421) for crossing state lines with Belle Schreiber for immoral purposes. Johnson was convicted and sentenced to a year and a day in prison. Initially, Johnson fled the country to avoid prison. However, he later returned and completed his sentence at Leavenworth Penitentiary.

Passed in 1910, the Mann Act (also known as the White Slave Traffic Act) intended to prevent women from being lured into prostitution. However, the language in the Act, which made it illegal to transport any woman or girl across state lines for immoral purposes, provided an avenue to make even some consensual sex illegal. Many believe Johnson’s arrest and subsequent conviction were racially motivated. Furthermore, law enforcement conveniently ignored the fact that Johnson and Schreiber engaged in their acts prior to the passing of the Act. (For authority on ex post facto laws see Calder v. Bull at 3 U.S. 386.)

Jack Johnson died in a car crash in North Carolina in 1946. In my opinion his pardon is long overdue. It’s never too late to right a past wrong.

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Four incredible ways marijuana is great for your brain

Modern research is showing that cannabis extracts protect and benefit the human brain. Here’s four amazing ways scientists are showing that cannabis actually helps to keep your brain safe from disease, dementia and even death!

#4 – Cannabis promotes new brain cell growth

Government scare campaigns often claim that cannabis kills brain cells, but now we are learning the truth. Those discredited studies were done in the 70s, by strapping a gas mask onto a monkey and pumping in hundreds of joints worth of smoke. The monkeys suffered from lack of oxygen, and that’s why their brain cells died.

Modern research is now proving the opposite. The active ingredients in cannabis spur the growth of new brain cells!

Back in 2005, Dr. Xia Zhang at the University of Saskatchewan showed that cannabinoids cause “neurogenesis” – which means that they help make new brain cells grow!

“Most ‘drugs of abuse’ suppress neurogenesis,” said Dr. Zhang. “Only marijuana promotes neurogenesis.”

Scientists in Brazil expanded on this research, demonstrating in 2013 that CBD, another chemical in cannabis, also causes new brain cells to sprout up. Researchers in Italy then produced the same result with CBC, another “cannabinoid” found in cannabis resin.

Now there is no doubt that cannabinoids cause new brain cells to grow in the hippocampus. This helps explain previous research showing that cannabinoids effectively treat mood disorders like depression, anxiety and stress – they are all related to a lack of adult neurogenesis. Continue reading

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Tom “The Moor” Molyneux (1784 – 1818) was an African-American bare-knuckle boxer.

By all rights Thomas Molyneux should have become recognized as the first world boxing champion from the United States. Born in 1784 to parents enslaved by a wealthy Virginian plantation owner named Molyneux, Tom—because of his size and strength—was selected to engage in prizefighting matches with enslaved men from neighboring estates, a practice common during that era. Often planters bet substantial sums of money on the outcome.

Tom ultimately participated in a match involving a wager of $100,000. When he won, his grateful owner granted him his freedom and a present of $500. Molyneux moved to New York where he engaged in a number of successful prizefights. His victories allowed him to proclaim himself the Champion of America in 1809. That same year he sailed to England to challenge Tom Cribb, generally recognized as the Champion of the World. Continue reading

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UFC files motion to move Antitrust lawsuit to ZUFFA home base in Nevada

Last Friday, UFC parent company Zuffa, LLC filed a motion to transfer the Antitrust lawsuit filed against them from San Jose, California to Nevada.

The UFC, which has its headquarters in Las Vegas, believe the proceedings would be “fair and logical” if the case was heard in Nevada. They also make the claim that Nevada has the “strongest connection to the allegations in the complaint.” Therefore, instead of providing an Answer to the Complaint, Zuffa lawyers requested a motion to transfer venue.

Soon afterwards, the UFC released an official statement outlining the concerns that led them to this decision.

“We care about our fighters and our fans and are proud of the company we have built. Today’s legal filing is procedural in nature, asking the court in California to transfer the cases to Nevada. Nevada has by far the strongest connection to the Continue reading

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Former World Extreme Cagefighting bantamweight champion Brian Bowles was arrested on Jan. 14 in Arcade, Ga., on several drug-related charges.

According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, Bowles was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of a schedule IV drug, possession of schedule IV drug with intent to sell, possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana with intent to sell, possession of tools for the commission of a crime and possession of firearm during the commission of a crime. Another woman, Rhomney Marie Moon, was arrested on the same charges.

The Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the Bowles’ residence on Stoner Road in Arcade, Ga., in order to serve an arrest warrant on a woman who was believed to be on the premises. While the woman in question was not present, it was determined that Moon did have an outstanding warrant. After methamphetamine was found in the “immediate area,” a search warrant was executed and “a quantity of marijuana, other narcotics, a gun and numerous packaging materials were also located within the home.”

Bowles and Moon were then transported to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. An inmate records search reveals that Bowles remains incarcerated since his arrest. A representative from the Sheriff’s Office was unable to release any further details to, and due to state law, a mug shot was not available. Continue reading

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Sheik Tahnoon the wealthiest and one of the most important men in BJJ

The UAE’s Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan may be the most influential figure in Jiu-Jitsu whose last name isn’t Gracie.
Not much is known about the Jiu-Jitsu story of this BJJ black belt that has been training since the mid-90’s.
The competition ADCC World Submission Fighting Championships were the idea and creation of Sheik Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the sixth son of then U.A.E. leader Sheik Zayed, who at the time was completing his advanced studies in the USA. In 1993 after watching the first U.F.C. Sheik Tahnoon became a big fan of MMA. He was struck by the Brazilian jiu-jitsu craze spreading across the US, inspired by the Gracie family from Brazil – in particular Royce Gracie, who won that UFC .
Sheikh Tahnoon started his journey in 1995 as he entered Gracie Barra San Diego and met the then instructor Nelson Monteiro.

He introduced himself as “Ben”. He asked if he could join the class and was immediately registered, bought his Gi, and started attending BJJ classes. The student seemed very eager to learn, always among the first to show up at training and among the last to leave. Rumor has it that he would often offer to help in cleaning the mat before training sessions (a Continue reading

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