Pot + Ibuprofen = Pain Blocked

The fact that marijuana has medicinal value is nearly indisputable at this point, but even still some patients are resisting using it because of an aversion to the feeling of being high (something we can’t really relate to). Yet a new study published in the journal Cell this week has found that marijuana joined with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen can bring such patients all of the benefits of pot-use without the buzz.

For patients with neurodegenerative diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, and others, who want to use marijuana for it’s ability to reduce brain inflammation (a common symptom among these debilitating diseases), but don’t want to the side effects from chronic use such as impairing memory/cognitive abilities, combining the drug with something like Ibuprofen seems to be the answer.

The LA Times explains: “That package of effect-and-side-effect, it turns out, can be separated, and the unwanted side effect can be suppressed by inhibiting the induction of cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2), a complex neurochemical process usually set off by inflammation. To their surprise, the researchers found that the THC in marijuana actually increases the COX-2 process — a finding that would suggest it has both inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effects on the brain.”

Thus doubling your pot smoking with a COX-2 inhibitor like Ibuprofen can be a huge help to patients who need the anti-inflammatory properties without the high. In our humble opinion the high helps too, but to each their own!

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Thiago Silva released from jail and submits to house arrest following assault charges in Florida

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight Thiago Silva is no longer behind bars.

The Brazilian slugger walked out of Broward County Jail earlier today (March 7, 2014) after posting $25,000 bond, stemming from his arrest back on Feb. 6 in Oakland Park, Fla., following an armed standoff with police (see his mug shot here).

He was initially detained and held without bond after the court deemed him a flight risk, as well as a threat to his community, but Broward Circuit court judge Geoffrey Cohen has since reversed the ruling and transfered his case to domestic violence court. Continue reading

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Michigan: Medical Marijuana Unemployment Case Headed To Appeals Court

By Steve Elliott Hemp News Michigan’s top business group is urging the state appeals court to take unemployment benefits away from people who are fired for using medical marijuana. The appeals court is looking at cases involving ex-employees who sought benefits after being fired for their medicinal cannabis use. Judges in Kent and Ingham counties have ruled in favor of the dismissed workers, reports the Associated Press. Businesses are in a “no-win situation,” claimed Rich Studley of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

Eager to use any excuse to avoid paying out, he claimed employers would have to “ignore marijuana use” or else pay higher unemployment taxes if fired workers collect unemployment. In Ingham County, Jenine Kemp was fired from her job as a CT scan technician at Hayes Green Beach Memorial Hospital after a drug test in 2011 revealed marijuana, reports Click On Detroit. Kemp, who has a Michigan medical marijuana card, said she uses marijuana edibles outside work hours to relieve chronic pain from lupus, which attacks her joints. “She never showed signs of intoxication or being under the influence,” said Kemp’s attorney, Eric Misterovich. “There was no indication she was using marijuana on the job. Continue reading

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Americans Think Sugar Is Worse Than Marijuana

Many Americans think sugar is worse for health than is marijuana, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released this week.
Poll participants were asked to rank the relative harms of alcohol, marijuana, sugar, and tobacco in order of the most harmful to the least harmful in the survey of 1,000 American adults last week, reports Beth Reinhard at The Wall Street Journal.

Tobacco was ranked as the most harmful by 49 percent of respondents, with alcohol coming in second at 24 percent. Sugar was voted the third most harmful, with 15 percent, while marijuana came in as least harmful with just 8 percent.
Respondents said they were more interested in following cannabis legalization stories in the news over other stories, according to NBC political director Chuck Todd, reports Alexandra Ward at Newsmax.
Continue reading

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Matt Riddle and HIGH Times the Interview

Interview and photos by Dan Skye

Life is simple of family men: They work to pay the bills and support their fails. For Matt Riddle, 27, that means battling it out in the “cage” as a top-ranked mixed martial arts fighter. In his career, he’s gained a reputation as an aggressive, lightning-quick opponent. But he’s no fool. He’s fully aware of the sport’s dangers and wants out of the brutal profession by age 30.

Riddle has had his battles outside the ring as well. The Ultimate Fighting Championship suspended him last February for testing positive for pot, despite the fact that he’s a state-sanctioned medical marijuana user in Nevada. He went public, extolling the benefits of cannabis while also pointing out the UFC’s hypocrisy when it comes to “performance-enhancing drugs”: Pot is forbidden; but testosterone replacement therapy isn’t.

We caught up with Riddle while he was training for his next fight. He now fights under the aegis of the prestigious Bellator MMA organization. His punches have lost none of their power. Neither have his opinions.

Were you an aggressive kid?
The first fight I ever got into, this bigger kid just beat the crap out of me. I didn’t even throw one punch. My family wasn’t into sports — definitely not wrestling. I didn’t play football or anything. But I was athletic and high-strung. I was diagnosed with ADHD, like every other kid. Continue reading

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Labyrinthitis ‘tips’ Caio Terra, out of the Pan Ams

The Pan American Championship Jiu-Jitsu , scheduled to take place 12-16 March in California, suffered a low last minute. Caio Terra , a leading name in the competition, are out of the event due to a labyrinthitis. The Brazilian had been training hard and even had made ​​application to fight in very heavy category.

“I had an amazing camp, probably one of the most memorable and my Jiu-Jitsu has never been better. I was ready to do the improbable. Took the heaviest category to show the world my Jiu-Jitsu is not just for little people, it can be applied against anyone. A few days ago, I was sick and could only train once. Went to the doctor who advised me that I concentrated on my health. Racing is out of the question. Jiu-Jitsu is a big part of my life, but she is more than Jiu-Jitsu. Good luck to all who are competing, “Caio posted in your Facebook account.

article courtesy of tatame.com

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Rick Simpson’s Hemp-Oil Medicine…..The Real Deal

From the time he was 12 years old, Rick Simpson just wanted a job so he could make some money. He was smart enough to get by in school without having to open a book, so education wasn’t something he took very seriously. After getting in trouble for supplying his ninth-grade teacher with a case of beer as a Christmas present, he dropped out rather than face the consequences from school administrators. At age 16, he went to work in the steel mills in Ontario, Canada. Two years later, he moved back to his hometown in Spring Hill, Nova Scotia, and got married. Before long, he had a job maintaining boilers for All Saints’ Hospital. Then his cousin was diagnosed with cancer.

“They found a little bump on his rib cage and cut him open,” Simpson says. “He went from 200 pounds down to about 130. In 1972, we were having a drink and he collapsed right in front of me. I knew damn well it had to be the cancer coming back. They gave him six months to live, and he made it through three. I was 22 years old and didn’t know anyone who had died from cancer. He was down to about 50 pounds when he died on November 18, 1972. I used to shave him, and it was like trying to shave a skeleton.”

Two years after his cousin died, Simpson was listening to his car radio when he heard the results of a medical study at the University of Virginia claiming that THC reduced brain tumors in mice. “I stopped my car and just stared at the radio,” Simpson recalls. “At the time, I didn’t smoke pot or anything, although most of my friends did. The guy on the radio was laughing like a fool. Like this was all a big joke. I never heard anything more about it, so I thought it must be a joke.”

It was no joke. The Medical College of Virginia had been funded by the National Institutes of Health to find evidence that marijuana damaged the human immune system. Imagine their surprise when the results came back indicating the opposite: Instead of hastening the death of mice implanted with brain cancer, marijuana dramatically slowed the growth of their tumors and extended their lives. The DEA quickly shut down this promising research. According to Jack Herer, two years later, President Gerald Ford would put an end to all public cannabis research and grant exclusive rights to major pharmaceutical companies to develop synthetic THC. Continue reading

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On Saturday April 12, four of the world’s top light-heavyweight kickboxers will meet at GLORY 15 ISTANBUL.

They are there to take part in the first World Championship Tournament of 2014. The tournament winner will emerge as the GLORY World Series Light-Heavyweight Champion.

Tyrone ‘King of the Ring’ Spong (90-5, 60 KO’s), Gokhan ‘The Rebel’ Saki (79-16, 56 KO’s), Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett (57-4, 45 KO’s) and Saulo Cavalari (28-2, 18 KO’s) are the four participants.

Fans are surprised Danyo Ilunga (54-5, 41 KO’s) is not part of the line-up. But the Congo fighter has a bigger target in his sights. Continue reading

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Karapet Karapetyan (42-9-2, 4 KO’s) has fought hard to get where he is today.

Netherlands-raised but Armenian born, Karapetyan came through some hard times to simultaneously become a qualified lawyer and one of the world’s top welterweight kickboxers.

The highlight of his career came in December when he qualified for the GLORY 13 TOKYO Welterweight Tournament, though he was eliminated by tournament winner Nieky Holzken (84-11, 44 KO’s) in the semi-finals. Continue reading

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Diamond Dallas Page Doesn’t Get Deal On ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’

Diamond Dallas Page and his business partner Steve Yu took to ABC’s ‘The Shark Tank’ tonight, pitching a 5% stake in DDP Yoga in exchange for $200k

He was billed as a “Former Wrestling Superstar with a product that changed his life”

Dallas explained that he didn’t become a pro wrestler until he was 35 years old, and his career didn’t take off until he was 40- but when he was 42 he blew his back out and a specialist suggested he do yoga. DDP said that he did the yoga, and at age 43 got back in the ring and became World Champion. Continue reading

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