Viagra and the heart…Hmmmm


Older men like Playboy’s Hugh Hefner and actor Michael Douglas have sung the praises of Viagra, but now scientists say the erectile dysfunction pill is not only good for your sex life — it’s good for your heart.

In the bedroom, Viagra allows greater blood flow to the penis. But in the heart, the “little blue pill” can prevent heart muscle thickening and early-stage heart failure, according to research published today in the open access journal BMC Medicine.

“Large clinical trials are now urgently needed to build on these encouraging findings,” said lead author Dr. Andrea M. Isidori, associate professor of endocrinology at Sapienza University of Rome.

Dosages used for heart ailments are lower than those used for erectile dysfunction, and patients in the study showed few side effects. “Surprisingly, in over 1600 treated subjects, no increased risk of visual disturbance, photosensitivity and ‘blue haze,’ was observed,” he told NBC News.

The active ingredient in Viagra is sildenafil citrate, which is a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor (PDE5i). The inhibitor blocks the enzyme PDE5, which prevents relaxation of smooth muscle tissue.

Researchers analyzed randomized trials that had been published between January 2004 and May 2014, choosing 24 involving mixed populations of patients who were treated with PDE5i or a placebo. PDE5i was given to men who had cardiovascular disorders, but who did not necessarily suffer from sexual impotence, according to Isidori.

The study found that the inhibitor prevented the heart from changing shape in patients suffering from left ventricular hypertrophy, a condition that causes thickening and enlargement of the heart muscle. The drug also improved functioning of the heart in patients with a variety of cardiac conditions, with no effect on blood pressure.

In fact, researchers found that the drug improved efficiency when the heart pumped blood into vessels, along with relaxation between beats. “Very few drugs used in cardiology can actually affect these parameters. For this reason their implications in the treatment and prevention of heart failure are huge.”

However, Isidori notes that because these studies were conducted exclusively on men, the next step should be a larger trial on women.


“I am not surprised and it’s good news,” said Dr. Robert A. Kloner, professor of medicine in the cardiovascular division at the Keck School of Medicine at USC in California. “We can always use a new drug for heart failure.”

Kloner co-authored the book, “Viagra: How the Miracle Drug Happened & What It Can Do for You.” He said this is not the first time, scientists have looked to Viagra for potential heart benefits. Continue reading

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RIP to a pioneer in Collegiate Wrestling and MMA, “The Monster”

Kevin-Randleman hh

Former UFC heavyweight champion Kevin Randleman died Thursday night at age 44.

Randleman, known as “The Monster,” died after suffering heart failure caused by complications from pneumonia. Fox Sports reports that he had been admitted to a San Diego hospital after falling ill before having cardiac problems.

“Behind the name was a gentle soul and loyal friend whom will be missed by many who loved him beyond the cage,” his family said in a statement on his Facebook page. “… Life without ‘The Monster’ will never be the same.”

UFC president Dana White acknowledged Randleman’s death in a tweet Thursday.

Randleman won the UFC heavyweight title in November 1999. He successfully defended the belt once before dropping it in November 2000 to Randy Couture. Randleman, who last fought professionally in 2011, was 17-16 in his career and 4-3 in UFC.

He was also a two-time NCAA wrestling champion at Ohio State, winning national titles at 177 pounds in 1992 and 1993 and finishing runner-up in 1991. The three-time All-American was inducted into the Ohio State hall of fame in 2004.

Randleman is survived by his wife, Elizabeth, and four children.

Article courtesy of espn

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Bendo on the Bellator!


His manager said Benson Henderson would be signing a new deal soon. Today, the former UFC lightweight champion went ahead and broke the news: He’s signed with Bellator.

Henderson (23-5 MMA, 11-3 UFC) today announced the news on his official website.

Terms of the deal, as well as a debut date and opponent, weren’t disclosed.

Despite leaving his longtime home, Henderson, who also previously held a title with the UFC-owned WEC, made special mention of UFC executives Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White “for the opportunities they presented me.” He also mentioned several of the UFC’s behind-the-scenes folks.

Here’s his post (via

I’d like to officially announce my move over to Bellator MMA.

I’m beyond excited for this next phase of my career, it’s a big move, like any move when switching employers or jobs after having worked somewhere for such a long time.

I have to thank the BigMan upstairs for putting some amazing people in my life Continue reading

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Phil Davis wins one-night Bellator tournament


In his first appearance for Bellator MMA, Phil Davis might have saved its light heavyweight tournament.

Davis (15-3) recorded two first-round finishes against Francis Carmont and Emanuel Newton to win Bellator’s first-ever one-night tournament. The bouts took place at SAP Center as part of Bellator: Dynamite 1.

A former UFC contender, Davis easily advanced to the tournament finals by submitting Newton (25-9-1) at 4:39 of the first round via kimura. He was originally supposed to fight Muhammed Lawal in a second fight, but Lawal (16-4) was forced to withdraw with a rib injury. Tournament rules called for Linton Vassell (15-5), who lost to Lawal in the tournament’s opening bout, to take Lawal’s spot, but ringside physicians also ruled him ineligible to compete.

That cleared the way for Carmont (24-11), a tournament alternate who defeated Anthony Ruiz by decision earlier in the night.

Davis and Carmont traded kicks to the legs and body in a feel-out process that quickly produced boos from the California crowd. Then Davis, who came into the bout with just two career knockouts, landed a perfect left hand that dropped Carmont along the fence. Referee Jason Herzog gave Carmont an opportunity to recover, but Davis followed him to the floor and threw follow-up punches until the bout was called.

The win sets up Davis for a title shot against Liam McGeary (11-0), who defended his title for the first time by submitting Tito Ortiz via triangle choke in the night’s main event.

Davis, who fights out of Alliance MMA in San Diego, improved to 6-2 in his past eight fights. He parted ways with the UFC following a split-decision loss to Ryan Bader in January.

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Phil Davis: Scott Coker is like NFL Coach


Phil Davis is taking part in a four-man, one-night light heavyweight tournament at Saturday’s Bellator: Dynamite show. That is just part of the evening’s ‘Big Tent’ appeal, which also has Tito Ortiz fight league champion Liam McGeary, and both MMA in a cage and GLORY kickboxing in a ring, sometimes simultaneously.

Davis’s first fight of the night will be against former champion Emanuel Newton.

“No, I’m not really doing anything different to prepare for this fight,” said Davis to Zane Simon for BE. “I still have one fight to win. I have to beat Emanuel Newton. After I beat Emanuel Newton, then I’m in a tournament. So, don’t win that fight, then you’re not in the tournament. I think the most important thing is just to concentrate on what I do know vs. what I don’t know and win that fight.”

“I have competed four or five times in one day (in wrestling) Continue reading

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Chidi Njokuani has signed a contract to compete in Bellator MMA.

Njokuani announced the deal via Instagram on Friday, and subsequently confirmed the news with a promotion official.

The younger brother of UFC and WEC veteran Anthony Njokuani, Chidi Njokuani captured the Tachi Palace fights 170-pound strap in his last appearance, taking a split verdict over Max Griffin at TPF 23. In addition to TPF, the 26-year-old has competed for the Resurrection Fighting Alliance and Legacy Fighting Championship promotions during his 18-bout professional tenure.

“Chidi Bang Bang” is based out of Las Vegas and splits his time training at Janjira Muay Thai, One Kick’s Gym and Sergio Penha BJJ. Njokuani is 13-4 with one no contest as a professional, including eight triumphs via knockout or technical knockout. He owns notable victories over “TUF 17” alum Gilbert Smith, current UFC competitor Alan Jouban and Bellator veteran LeVon Maynard.

Article courtesy of T Sheridan and sherdog

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Be Noble Free Noble. Bigoted Lousiana Governor denies clemency

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal recently denied a clemency request from Bernard Noble, a man serving 13 years for possessing two joints.
The reason behind the denial was the Noble had not yet served 10 years in prison, reports Phillip Smith at AlterNet.
Noble’s sentence is a prime example of the harsh nature of the marijuana laws in many parts of the country, according to Tony Papa at AlterNet.

“As someone who was sentenced to life in prison for a first time non-violent drug crime I know how important second chances are,” Papa said. “In 1997 after serving 12 years I was granted executive clemency by New York Governor George Pataki.”
“But in the case of Bernard Noble it seems that Louisiana’s Governor Jindal has chosen not to show the compassion that our President has shown and instead ignores the injustice of Noble’s case while he rots away in prison for 13 years for the possession of two joints,” Papa said

Under Louisiana law, possession of up to 60 pounds of marijuana is punishable by six months in jail on a first offense, up to five years in prison for a second offense, and up to 20 years in prison for a third offense. Third-time offenders are not eligible for probation.
Distributing any amount of cannabis, even a joint, Continue reading

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Zack Mwekassa wears a hooded black robe to the ring. It makes him look like an executioner and that is appropriate, because his left hook is as instantly effective as a guillotine blade when it lands cleanly on a victim’s jaw.

In the co-headline fight of GLORY 22 FRANCE, Mwekassa faced the Tae Kwon Do and karate stylist Carlos ‘Shake & Bake’ Brooks of New York. The American light-heavyweight is a training partner of GLORY veteran and professional boxer Jarrell ‘Big Baby’ Miller.

That association was evident early on when he demonstrated an effective jab and good boxing form. Mwekassa hunted for big shots but initially couldn’t find them as he struggled Continue reading

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Emotional Melvin Guillard opens up about troubled WSOF run: ‘I was depressed’

Melvin Guillard never saw the end coming until the morning he awoke and it was already lurching through his front door. Sometimes, that’s just how it goes. Close your eyes and you’re a 10-year UFC lifer, open them eight hours later and you’re unemployed. Cord-cutting without the grace of a goodbye; no severance package, going-away party or tearful embrace over a decade of service. Just 23 fights worth of memories and a dizzying sense of how things are about to change.

And things certainly did change.

Few expected Guillard, the cocksure TUF 2 relic with the bleach-blonde fade and heat-seeker of a right hand, a lightweight who’d headlined handfuls of events and latched himself atop the bonus list, to be handed his UFC walking papers after a single loss to Michael Johnson in early 2014 — least of all Guillard himself. Guillard went on to become World Series of Fighting’s resident malcontent, a short-lived bust who twice missed weight and openly feuded with promotion executives, tumbling slowly into irrelevance while losing the life he fashioned over a decade.

“When I got released, man, I was battling with my own mind,” Guillard admits now. “I was depressed. I didn’t even know if I wanted to fight anymore. I told my wife I didn’t want to fight anymore.”

Guillard’s WSOF approach was more than a little misguided. That much was obvious then, and even more so now that the he-said, she-said is all over. His was a terrifying thought though: to wake up at 31 years old, in mid-free fall, any semblance of identity cast out into the cold while the game marched on by with a double-finger salute.

“Not being in the UFC anymore, and dealing with out-of-the-ring issues financially, it just put me in a real bad spot,” Guillard says. “When you’re married you’ve got to do certain things a certain way, and not fighting in the UFC, not making that same money, my lifestyle had to change.

“I took a security job working as a floor guy at a gentleman’s club out here. I hadn’t had a regular job in over 20 years. You know, everything I’ve been doing in the last 20 years has been just MMA. So that was hard to adjust to, I went from being my own boss to having to take a lot of crap from people, especially strippers and the management at this particular strip club I worked at, man. And it was just horrible.” Continue reading

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Are you hydrated?

Adverse effects from not drinking enough water include digestive, skin, bladder and kidney problems, fatigue, and even headaches. We need water as much as the air we breathe in! Keeping your body hydrated is not a joke.

Did you know that dehydration actually sets in just before you start feeling thirsty? Sipping water throughout the day is the best way to handle it. Always have a bottle or a glass of water handy! If you’re not a morning person, having two glasses of water right after you wake up will boost up your blood pressure to normal levels, and it’s way healthier than having your first coffee on an empty stomach.

Many of us believe that merely drinking fluids like sweetened juices, soda or tea will hydrate you as well as water does. This is not true. It’s actually the opposite! To deal with the excess sugar and salt you are taking in your body wastes immense amounts of precious water just to clean it out from your system. And if you love your coffee, make sure to drink one extra glass of water for every cup you have.

Drinking water regularly speeds up your metabolism and makes you feel more ‘full’. You will eat less once you start drinking more! It’s the safest and healthiest way to lose weight. Drink up!

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